For Every Purchase Of A Nirvana Bed, We'll Donate One To A Child In Need!

Our Story

At Nirvana Bed, our goal is simple — to bring you a good night’s sleep

Making our customers happier one mattress at a time.

At Nirvana, our goal is simple — to bring you a good night’s sleep.

Superior sleep starts with our luxury memory foam mattress, made from the finest materials and designed with your comfort in mind, and delivered right to your front door.  

Why We Started Nirvana Bed

It is common for many people, even after sleeping, not to feel truly rested. Whether you have done everything from reading sleep blogs for advice to sleeping on coil mattresses that claim to do the trick, it is rare for people to find the solution to the problem of sleeplessness.

Just like so many of our neighbors, family members, and friends, we wanted to put an end to restless nights that create long, unproductive days.  

Then, Nirvana Bed was born.

If you are looking for something different, a good night's sleep is never far away when you have Nirvana Bed.

By designing a mattress that has the optimal firmness and support, we have made a luxury memory foam mattress that will help almost everyone get a better night’s sleep.

Made to fit every lifestyle and mattress need, Nirvana beds are custom-made using quality materials.

Our company is factory direct, meaning that we help the environment by not making too many mattresses, shipping them to a middleman, and then handling returns.

Instead, we ship your new, comfortable “bed in a box” directly to you!

What else sets us apart?

Our commitment and dedication to providing you with a unique mattress that enables deep sleep, while giving back and emphasizing the importance of our local community.

Because we sell all of our mattresses online, we believe in making comfort simple and risk-free.

Try any of our mattresses for 121 nights and if for any reason you do not like what you get, we will give you a refund.    

Your comfort is our priority!

Are you ready to change the way that you sleep?

We look forward to delivering you the good night’s sleep that you long for!

Sleep good, feel good, do good!